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 i>clicker for CTools Users (v.6.4.2)

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For student i>clicker help, please visit the student page.

BasicsFAQs: SetupFAQs: i>clicker software & in-class useFAQs: i>grader software & CToolsHelp Guides
What is i>clicker?
Getting the software
Why use clickers in the classroom?
How do I get started?
i>clicker vs. REEF Polling
How much does an i>clicker cost?

I use a PC/Mac, will i>clicker still work?
I use a PC in the classroom, but a Mac in my office/at home. Can I poll using a PC and grade using a Mac?
Is i>clicker installed in my classroom?
I’m receiving more responses than there are students in my class—what is the problem?
Do I need to do anything special to my presentation to make it work with i>clicker?
When using Keynote, the i>clicker toolbar disappears. How do I fix this?
What do I need to bring with me to class?
How do my students register their clickers?
I want my students to be able to use their laptops or mobile devices instead of clickers—is this possible?
I no longer allow web>clicker in my course. How do I remove myself from the instructor list?
How do I sync my roster?
My students are not seeing their grades on CTools, how do I fix that?
My students’ names are not appearing in i>grader.
Can CTools display a zero instead of a dash mark when a student in absent?
How much control will I have over point allocations for each question?
I accidentally clicked “resume session” rather than starting a new one in class. How do I separate the data?
Can I view the raw polling data?
When I click Synchronize Web Registrations, I am not prompted to log in.

Feel free to download these guides if you would like a PDF copy of the information found on this page.

Quick-Start Guides to i>clicker

These guides can also be found on the i>clicker flash drives provided by ISS.

Full Length Manuals

Video: Introduction to i>clicker for Special Events

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