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This page contains manufacturers’ manuals for the various software and equipment available at the Media Center. We have also provided our own handouts, presentation material, and other helpful tools we use in our workshops.

Our Guides:

Final Cut Pro X | PDF
Zi8 Camera Kit | Web Version or PDF
iMovie ’11 | PDF
iMovie to Web (best export settings when exporting Using Quicktime) | PDF
Zoom Recorder Basic Set Up Guide | Web Tutorial with Video or PDF
Converting to Pro Res (for Kodak Zi8, DSLRs, and other formats) | Web Version or PDF
Using Firestore drives & P2 cards with Panasonic HPX and HVX cameras | Web Version or PDF

Manuals | Video Cameras

Kodak Zi8
Canon HFS30
Panasonic HMC-40
Panasonic HPX-170
Panasonic HVX-200P

Manuals | Still Cameras

Panasonic Lumix FZ28
Panasonic Lumix FZ150
Canon Rebel T3i
Canon 7D

Manuals | Digital Audio Recorders

Zoom H4n

Manuals | Software

After Effects
iMovie & Garageband
Logic Pro
Soundtrack Pro


Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro
Creative Cow Forums
2-Pop Forums
HV20/30/40 Users Forum
DVX/HVX/HPX Users Forum
Larry Jordan Final Cut Pro learning resources
Logic Resources

Old Guides (do not use with FCPX)

Final Cut Pro 7 Set Up Guide using the Panasonic HMC-40 (AVCHD) | PDF
Final Cut Pro 7 Set Up Guide using the Panasonic HVX200 or HPX170 (DVCPROHD | P2) | PDF

Final Cut Pro 7 Project Templates (do not use with FCPX)

Small Final Cut Pro 7 Project
Large Final Cut Pro 7 Project

Compressor Droplets (do not use with FCPX)

Apple ProRes 422 | Convert your h.264 HDSLR or Kodak Zi8 footage to FCP7-ready Apple ProRes 422 with Linear PCM 48kHz audio. Download and unzip this file on your desktop, then drag and drop your files onto the droplet icon on the desktop. Choose the destination to save to and bam! You are done.
Vimeo 720p Single-Pass Compression | Designed for Vimeo users with free accounts. Vimeo’s video processing for free accounts uses a single-pass conversion to make what plays on their site so you’ll save some time and won’t lose quality if you are using a free account.
Vimeo 720p Multi-Pass-Pass Compression | For Vimeo Plus (Pro) users that benefit from multi-pass encoding provided by Vimeo.
Audio to AIFF 48K/16bit | Drop your mp3 here to convert it to a FCP7-ready AIFF file with the ideal 48kHz and 16-bit settings.