Importing Analog Video

Sep 24, 2012   //   by Aaron   //   FCPX, Tutorials  //  Comments Off

We recently discovered that you cannot import video from VHS and DVD players using FCPX. Traditionally, an analog player like DVD or VHS could be plugged into an intermediate DV deck or analog-to-digital converter to bring the video into a computer using Firewire. In Final Cut Pro 7 we simply changed the Device Control settings to Non-Controllable device to bypass FCP7′s dependance on timecode.

In Final Cut Pro X, following the same steps as before, our video shows up in our Camera Import window. When you click the capture button it appears to begin importing the video, even displaying the seconds ticking away on a record counter. When the recording is stopped the video is nowhere to be found, not in the Event Browser or secretly hidden away on our hard drive somewhere.

Unfortunately there isn’t a workaround to this in FCPX. There are no longer any device control options to override its dependance on timecode. For a free and readily available solution to this you can use Quicktime Player. Open Quicktime Player and go to File > Start Movie Recording. Click on the triangle on the right side of the control bar and select your Video and Audio sources and choose to save at Maximum quality.

Now you can import the video into FCPX using Import Files. Remember FCPX will copy your video into your Events folder if you have selected that option (recommended) so you can trash the original capture from Quicktime once you have confirmed the media has been imported into FCPX.

If you do not want to use Quicktime Player there are several third-party products that do analog-to-digital conversion. For DVDs programs like Handbrake and Mac the Ripper can be used.

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